Affirmative Action

Jonathan Tyne, dining with a friend at a quiet, waterfront restaurant, is a witness and reluctant participant in a gangland hit gone bad. His motivation is purely survival, his own. As the last man standing — other than the man that got away — if not a medal, he at least rates a thank you. Instead, the Beretta nine he used bears only his fingerprints and ballistics’ tests reveal it was used in two previous execution-style slayings. It’s his gun and he’s not the innocent he claims, or so say the investigators. Thus begins a complex tale of a legal system run amok, deceit, corruption, revenge and murder.

Rogue Elephants

In this follow-on to Affirmative Action Jonathan Tyne still faces a mortal threat from the Tosca crime organization. Worse still, a ruthless, secret group within the FBI want Tyne to participate in a deadly sting and are willing to do anything to compel his participation, including betray him to the very people they are targeting. Complicating matters, now Tyne must not only protect himself but also the woman he loves.

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